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SCAMP won't bar current projects



The Daily Herald

PROVO -- Joaquin residents are trying to use SCAMP to stall other smaller student-housing projects from progressing in their neighborhood, but it's not working.

"I'm discouraged to see these projects go forward. It seems foolish to me," said Joaquin co-chair Charles Callis.

SCAMP is the South Campus Area Master Plan, a high-density student-housing project to be located just south of BYU in Joaquin neighborhood.

A SCAMP committee is meeting regularly to come up with a plan that could possibly be adopted by August.

Meanwhile, two developers for two different smaller student-housing projects approached the city planning commission Wednesday night for project plan approval.

And neighbors tried a last-ditch attempt to throw a wrench into the development plans.

Some of the neighbors contend that with SCAMP still up in the air, the developers shouldn't be allowed to go forward, even though they applied to the city before the six-month moratorium was instigated on Feb. 15.

The moratorium boundary includes: University Avenue to 900 East and 800 North to Center Street.

Developer Craig Jacobs applied to the city over a year ago for Arlington Heights, a 21-unit student housing project at 560 N. 800 East. The project will house 94 "baching singles" in three-, two- and one-bedroom units.

Developer David Hunter applied to the city in January 2000 for Payne Condominiums, a 21-unit complex at 551 N. 200 East. The project will house 82 baching singles in four- and three-bedroom units.

"These projects, right now, in this neighborhood, are premature," Callis said.

But the planning commission approved both requests Wednesday night.

Commission member Scott Ward said he empathizes with the residents.

"You're preaching to the choir," Ward said. "But unless we can find they aren't meeting an ordinance somewhere, it's pretty difficult to say no."

Commission member Roy Peterman agreed, saying regarding Arlington Heights, "I have a lot of misgivings with this project knowing SCAMP is out there."

But he voted for it, saying it met the ordinances.

The SCAMP committee's third meeting is 4 p.m. today at the East Bay Golf Course clubhouse. The public is invited to watch, but not participate in discussions.


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