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Hopes and Dreams for Provoís Neighborhoods in 2000

After a brief brainstorming session at our monthly neighborhood meeting our group came up with improvements we would like to see in our city in this year 2000.

  1. Learn this, itís not okay to park your car on the lawn! (or block driveways, sidewalks or crosswalks when you park!)
  2. Create a bike-friendly Provo. Provide adequate, protected convenient bike paths through Provo.
  3. Residents should respect for zoning laws, as you would any other law.
  4. Provo City should enforce its zoning laws.
  5. Every able resident of Provo could do something to visibly improve his yard or Provo this year.
  6. Itís not okay to intentionally allow homes to deteriorate. Renters should learn about their rights and be afforded a fit dwelling. Absentee landlords should provide a bonded local representative to take care of problems.

Hopes that are more specifically aimed at Joaquin Neighborhood (Area South of campus to Center St. and from University Avenue to 900 East) and the Central Neighborhoods are: We would like to see at least one more homeowner move onto every block this year. Neighborhood revitalization is happening in Central Provo! Neighborhood Housing Services of Provo (375-5820) is enabling affordable home ownership and home improvement through low interest loans.

In this year 2000 Provo needs to take steps to preserve and protect its historic districts and homes. With the renovation of the library at Academy Square on 500 North, Provo should treasure and protect the historic neighborhood to the south from further high-density development.

Bonnie Callis Joaquin Neighborhood Co-chair 01/21/00