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Harvey H. Cluff House

174 North 100 East

Built in 1877, the Harvey Cluff House is a fine late-nineteenth century example of vernacular architecture in Utah.  The cross-axial plan is derived from a traditional design which places the central ridge orientation of the house perpendicular rather than parallel to the street.  This gable-facade haouse type is the product of the Greek Revival movement of the early 1800s and is often called a "temple-form" house because early examples had a colossal temple front.  The original owner, Harvey Cluff, was a significant business and ecclesiastical leader in Provo.  He ran a large furniture factory in the late 1850s, later served as superintendent of the Provo Picture coming soon.
 Lumber and Manufacturing Company, and superintended construction of the Academy Building of Brigham Young Academy.  He served two terms on the City Council and was one of the founders of the Brigham Young Academy. (Provo Historic Buildings Tour)