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Discover the many places of interest in the Joaquin neighborhood by clicking on the locations marked on the map below.  This is under construction and your suggestions are appreciated - send email to:

You can also download a simple map (37K), a zoning map (137K), and an aerial photo (768 KB) of the neighborhood.

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  1. Allen-Thurmond-Taylor- Paxman House
  2. BYU Museum of Peoples and Cultures
  3. Crandall Historical Printing Museum
  4. Joaquin Elementary
  5. George A. Smith Home
  6. James E. Talmage House
  7. John W. Taylor Home
  8. Karl Maeser Home
  9. Knight-Mangum Mansion
  10. McCurdy Historical Doll Museum
  11. Memorial Park
  12. Twelves/Brimhall Home