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Joaquin Neighborhood Survey

  1. How long have you lived in the Joaquin Neighborhood?
  2. Do you presently own (purchasing) or rent ?
  3. If you own, are you considering selling or moving, but keeping home as a rental?
  4. If you rent, who is your landlord/management agency?
  5. If you rent, would you be interested in buying in Joaquin or in another Provo neighborhood?
  6. Would you buy in Maeser Franklin Dixon Timpanogos North Park Other Provo neigh.?
  7. Would you choose another neighborhood because of House choices Different schools or Safety?
  8. Why do you choose to live in the neighborhood? Price of rent/home Close to work/school Other
  9. Do you feel like the neighborhood is safe? Yes No
  10. If no, why? Heard of problems Have had problems Feel vulnerable
  11. Do you know your C.O.P. (Community Oriented Policing) Officer(s)? Yes No
  12. If yes, have you ever reported any problems to them? Over the phone In person
  13. Did you feel like the problem was addressed? Yes Possibly No
  14. Do you know of a potential problem or suspicious activity that should be reported? Yes No
  15. Are you comfortable with reporting problems? Yes No
  16. Do you know who your neighborhood chairperson is? Yes No
  17. Have you ever attended a neighborhood meeting? Yes No
  18. If not, why? No interest Lack of information Schedule conflict Other
  19. Are you familiar with Neighborhood Housing Services of Provo? Yes No
  20. What are your general feelings on S.C.A.M.P.? Approve Disapprove Not enough information yet
  21. Do you feel there are other issues to be addressed in the neighborhood? Yes No
  22. If yes, what? Problem properties Crime Traffic Zoning Safety Growth Other
  23. Have you participated in any past revitalization events in the neighborhood? Yes No
  24. If yes, did you serve on a committee volunteer labor apply for services?
  25. Would you like to see more beautification/revitalization efforts? Yes No
  26. Could you or someone you know benefit from an organized paint/clean-up project? Yes No
  27. What is the address of the home that could be taken into consideration?
  28. What other revitalization efforts would you like to see? Better city maintenance More funding Home ownership incentives Mobile Watch & Neighborhood Watch programs Other
  29. Please feel free to make any comments that would help others to understand your neighborhood concerns.


Phone #
Would you like information on National Student Partnerships Community Health Connect ESL Neighborhood Housing Services of Provo Mobile Watch Neighborhood meetings S.C.A.M.P. Volunteer opportunities Home ownership education classes Other

NHS P.O. Box 50478 Provo, UT 84605-0478