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Mobile Watch

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Mobile Watch

We have a neighborhood mobile watch program.  Here's how it works.

You and a friend (or spouse) pick a time to drive around the neighborhood in a car with doors locked and windows rolled up.  If you see anything amiss, you call the police on the cell phone that is provided you.  You never confront anyone, and never get out of the car.  It's safe, a lot of fun, a small time commitment, and it has reduced crime by 30% in neighborhoods that have implemented it!  You are also provided with a radar gun you can use to get the license plate numbers of speeding vehicles (the police will send them a letter of warning).  While you're out, stop by 7-11 because they have agreed to donate FREE drinks to all mobile watch volunteers!

WE NEED YOU!!!  Anyone over 18 can participate.  If you don't have a friend or spouse to patrol with, that's ok we still need you.  Students, renters, and owners are all welcome.  To become involved, please contact:

Michael Kennard
Day phone: 422-2812
Evening phone: 377-5918

The Police Department provides mobile watch training sessions every month at the police department (300 west and Center Street).

Here are a few more details:

bulletbullet You must be 18 or older to participate.
bulletbullet You must agree to a background check.
bulletbullet You must go in groups of 2 or more.
bulletbullet You have no police authority or immunity.  You cannot arrest people or chase people.
bulletbullet You cannot carry a weapon.
bulletbullet You must never confront anyone.
bulletbullet There are 4 training sessions.  You must complete 3 training sessions before you can start patrolling.
bulletbullet Before you can patrol, you must complete a ride-along with a police officer, and a sit-along with the dispatcher.  You must also ride along with a trained mobile watch couple.