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Joaquin Neighborhood

Places of Interest
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Do you live in the Joaquin Neighborhood?

If you live inside the heavy black lines in the map below, then you do! 

zoning.jpg (152279 bytes)

Click here for zoning definitions at the Provo City web site.


Neighborhood meetings are held every month on the 2nd Thursday at 6:30pm.  The meetings are at Joaquin Elementary, in the auditorium or library.  The purpose of the meetings is to address any and all issues that are important to the neighborhood (zoning, development, SCAMP, crime etc.).  Everyone is welcome and we encourage your input and ideas.  We need you!

Neighborhood Chair

Kurt Peterson is currently serving as the neighborhood chair.  He can be contacted

Web Site

This web site is currently maintained by Michael Kennard.  Your feedback is welcome:


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Download an aerial photo:

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 or a simple map:

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Look at some of the interesting places around the neighborhood.

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